In A Nutshell - Ginkgo 250

In A Nutshell - Ginkgo

Part of the outstanding "Healing Herbs - In A Nutshell" series of compact guides to single herbs and their actions and uses. 

It includes information on: 

  • The history, folklore, botany and uses of the herb
  • How to grow or cultivate Ginkgo and which parts of the plants to use
  • How to make a tea, tincture, powder, pill or capsule
  • The action of Ginkgo in combination with other herbs to treat specific ailments
  • How to use Ginkgo as a self-help medicine 


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Ginkgo biloba

by Jill Rosemary Davies

Ginkgo leaves have been used as a general tonic for over 3,000 years. Now hailed as a brain and mental clarity aid with general circulatory support, it is taken daily by millions all over the world. Jill Davies tells us how to use the attractive fan shaped leaves and when they are best harvested and how to prepare them. Less commonly known is that it helps fight disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system, partly by protecting nerve coverings against some types of damage to include stress, wear and tear. The glossary of terms and conditions chart is as always in the series, very useful.

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Author Jill Rosemary Davies
ISBN 1862045046
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