In A Nutshell - Marigold 250

In A Nutshell - Marigold

Part of the outstanding "Healing Herbs - In A Nutshell" series of compact guides to single herbs and their actions and uses. 

It includes information on: 

  • The history, folklore, botany and uses of Marigold
  • How to grow or cultivate Marigold and which parts of the plants to use
  • Making creams, ointments, lotions, compresses, infusions and tinctures
  • The action of Marigold in combination with other herbs to treat specific ailments
  • How to use Marigold as self-help medicine 


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Calendula officinalis

by Jill Rosemary Davies

Marigold flower petals have been a favourite healing plant for millennia worldwide, found in India, Africa, Australasia, Asia Minor, Iran, Iraq and all over Europe. Used for both beauty and medicinal aspects, it is a renowned skin herb. This simple looking plant belies its potent anti-viral mechanisms (to include HIV). Equally it is an important liver and gallbladder aid, helping stomach discomfort, soothing and healing cells and tissue, in fact whatever it comes into contact with. Like all the single herb books in this series, the many chapters explore uses, growing, contra-indications, diseases and conditions it can help, and home-made recipes for both internal and external use, from skin creams to gargles. Jill Davies, who is also a trained horticulturist, makes sure you do not mix this plant up with its toxic cousin African Marigold.

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Author Jill Rosemary Davies
ISBN 1862045585
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