Most health practitioners understand how crucial it is for our overall health to ensure the proper elimination of waste via the bowel (e.g. chemicals from our environment). Regular elimination helps to maintain an optimum colon, as well as lessen the burden on the liver and other body systems through unwanted re-absorption of waste compounds (e.g. hormones). Additionally, flushing and cleansing at specific times of the year can help to maintain healthy toilet routines year-round.

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IntestAble Capsules (150 x 550mg)


IntestAble botanical capsules are carefully blended food anti-microbials selected to help bloating, yeast issues and digestion.

ColoClear Capsules (90 x 400mg)


These blended fruits and herbs help to support the body by increasing regularity in a broad-spectrum, balanced manner.

Bowel Cleanse Kit


Herbal practitioners, naturopaths and nutritionists all recognise the crucial value of routinely eliminating and the dangers of bowel/colon congestion. The kit contains enough products for a 5 (to 8) Day Bowel Cleanse. Comes with easy to follow instructions.

LiteFlush Powder (90g)


LiteFlush Powder blend is a partner product within ‘The 5 Day Bowel Cleanse Kit.’

Slippery Elm Plus Powder

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This botanical food powder is a six plant formula blended by herbalist Jill Davies. The plants jelly-like mucilage forms layering protection allowing irritated conditions in the gut or bowel to repair, cool and be soothed and can be made easily into a drink.

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