Calm & Sleep

Calm & Sleep

Good overall health relies on good sleep and as little stress as possible, with time for calm moments and relaxation. Many of us find it hard to allow sufficient recuperation time to relieve the physical and mental pressures on our adrenal glands and nervous system. Rest and sleep challenges are common – including working too late, going to bed too late, difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, worry keeping us awake, and much more. Encouraging a shift towards better sleep and relaxation can be supported by lifestyle changes on various levels, which may include nutrition, exercise, and the inclusion of botanical foods, herbs and plants to support us along the way. These simple, natural steps can help the body to reach a new balance and heal through high-quality rest and sufficient sleep.

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Chamomile & Vervain Formula (250ml)


This building formula calms, strengthens, nurtures and relaxes the equilibrium of the nerves. It keeps the mind comfortably agile while easing and replenishing.

Chamomile Flowers Herb Tea (100g)


German Chamomile loose tea flowers are a time old choice for calming the body and mind.

Evening Peace Herb Tea (100g)


The Evening Peace loose herb tea helps calm at the end of day and facilitates a better nights sleep.

Lavender Essential Oil

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Psychologically helps balance extremes of moods, helping stability. Lavender reacts in accord with our system’s particular needs. Add to any overcrowded or stale air conditions, train, tube, etc. Natural deodorant and can be used neat as necessary.

Lavender Flower Herb Tea (100g)


Loose Lavender Flower Tea has a delightful fragrance and is useful as a daily tea to aid calm focussed work or deep relaxation.

Relaxing Massage Oil (250ml)


This massage oil is aimed at bringing about maximum relaxation of muscles and mind alike. The essential oils used have been tailored to achieve this effect and give a sensual and calming fragrance.

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