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Chamomile Flowers Herb Tea


German Chamomile loose tea flowers are a time old choice for calming the body and mind.

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German Chamomile flowers are delicious in flavour and potent in use for all manner of physical and mental issues. It generally soothes and calms whether it be tight muscles in the gut or a tense anxious frame of mind. Renowned for aiding all manner of gut issues, tummy ache and general nausea. The ‘chrysin’ in the tea helps better sleep. We chose German Chamomile over the Roman Chamomile as it is tastier and contains more of the therapeutic blue volatile oil ‘azulene’. (Do not drink if allergic to Asteraceae family.)

Use a tea-sock.

Additional Information

Brand Herbs Hands Healing
Ingredients Whole Chamomile flowers (German).
Directions for use Shake bag, place 2 tsp. (4-6gm) into tea sock. Pour on boiling water and leave for 10 mins, or vary according to preferred strength. Add honey or lemon juice if desired, drink hot or cold.
Suitable For Vegans
GM free
No artificial colouring
No artificial flavouring
No preservatives

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Avril M  posted on 19/02/2019
Another winner from hands herbs and healing a quite nice tea which isn’t to strong tastes nice warm or cold instead of tea or coffee all the time

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