Dr Schulze's 5 Day Liver Detox 250

Dr Schulze's 5 Day Liver Detox Book

I show you how cleansing and detoxifying your Liver and Gallbladder will make the biggest healing difference in your life and create powerful, lasting health and vitality.

84 page paperback


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Dr Richard Schulze’s booklet on the ‘how’s and why’s’ of liver detoxing describes that your liver is the ultimate detoxification organ in your body and that everything you eat, drink, inhale and skin absorb travels to your liver where it needs to filter, sort and neutralize. He makes it clear that any liver congestion resulting in accumulated waste will eventually slow your liver down and make it less and less able to help you feel healthy, energized and vital. Twin this information with our 1 Day Liver cleanse, 5 Day Liver Cleanse or gentle 28 Day Liver Cleanse version. Visit our cleansing information pages.

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Author Dr Richard Schulze
ISBN 9780976184249
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