Pure Essential Oils

Pure Essential Oils

Essential oils can be a way of life. They can help you to feel more awake, focussed and productive when at work in the office or at home. Equally they can calm, and relax you when it’s time to switch off. Keeping away germs in the home, tube, train and office can be achieved and the immune system fortified. Sleep and deeper sleep can be augmented with choosing the right essential oils in burners at night. Live a life of plant essential oils and add it to a better life-style plan. Bring more joy into your life using volatile oils made from the fruit, leaves, seeds and bark of plants by steaming or cold pressing them.

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Basil Essential Oil

Price From: £5.00

Special Offer 20% Discount

Strong psychological effect, cheers, uplifts and strengthens.

Benzoin Gum Oil

Price From: £3.50

Special Offer 20% Discount

Helps the nerves, stress, irritability, PMT

Bergamot Essential Oil

Price From: £5.25

Refreshing and uplifting. Useful for anxiety, exhaustion and convalescence.

Black Pepper Essential Oil

Price From: £7.50

Reviving, engaging, grounding, balancing aroma.

Cajaput Essential Oil

Price From: £3.80

Colds, flu, strongly antiseptic, bronchial, respiratory.

Camphor Essential Oil

Price From: £3.75

Stimulates breathing, antiseptic tonic to nerves.

Cedarwood Essential Oil

Price From: £4.75

Special Offer 20% Discount

We call this a low-note woody aroma, ideal for cold weather, welcoming in Autumn and Winter.

Cinnamon Essential Oil

Price From: £3.95

Special Offer 20% Discount

Useful for painful joints; also shivering and chills or illness recuperation. Use for similar psychological states where tension and fear perhaps permeate.

Clove Essential Oil

Price From: £3.95

A nature insect repellent. A profound anti-microbial.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Price From: £3.75

Aids the breathing process, a good expectorant and cough aid. Can be used in a blend with other essential oils as a gargle for sore throat. Generally refreshing and stimulating.

Fennel Essential Oil

Price From: £5.10

Digestive, stomach and liver aid, ideal for tummy massage.

Garlic Essential Oil

Price From: £7.85

Special Offer 20% Discount

A truly medicinal and overwhelming smell, enormously anti-microbial.

Ginger Essential Oil

Price From: £6.90

Useful where cold and damp exist to relief muscle tension and congestion. Useful where infectious illness needs containing.

Juniper Berry Essential Oil

Price From: £6.15

Special Offer 20% Discount

Psychologically it strengthens and uplifts, calming anxiety and relaxing. Aids rheumatic aches.

Lavender Essential Oil

Price From: £4.60

Psychologically helps balance extremes of moods, helping stability. Lavender reacts in accord with our system’s particular needs. Add to any overcrowded or stale air conditions, train, tube, etc. Natural deodorant and can be used neat as necessary.

Lemon Essential Oil

Price From: £4.15

This Lemon essential oil will instantly make you feel clean and fresh whilst being anti-bacterial on the skin. The essential oil is from the fruit of the lemon tree and affects the hippocampus and learning/concentration part of the brain.

Lime Essential Oil

Price From: £3.95

Gives a lively fresh fragrance. Anti-bacterial and anti-viral topically. Lovely blended in air spritzer with Lemon and Eucalyptus essential oils.

Mandarin Essential Oil

Price From: £4.75

Special Offer 20% Discount

Like other citrus oils, it is fragrant, enlivening and clears the skin of bacteria and leaves the mind uplifted and calmer.

Marjoram Essential Oil

Price From: £7.20

This mint family essential oil is useful for nervous tension, exhaustion and insomnia. Ideal in a relaxing blend or on its own.

Orange Essential Oil

Price From: £3.25

This cold pressed oil works well on its own or combined with lemon. Both relieve tension, uplift, refresh and engender a sense of calm. The essential oil will regenerate the skin, so it’s useful for acne, ageing skin and poorly circulated skin.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Price From: £4.90

It helps clear the head and refresh the spirits; it specifically stimulates the hippocampus in the brain to aid concentration and focus.

Pettitgrain Essential Oil

Price From: £4.75

Can be useful to uplift when feeling sad or disappointed. It soothes tension and rigidity. Intoxicatingly exotic.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Price From: £4.25

Will help clear the head and bring calm clarity, focus and mental structure. A good study essential oil especially if mixed with mint. Hugely anti-septic and useful around sickness, to help prevent bacterial spread.

Rosewood Essential Oil

Price From: £7.50

This essential oil is a tonic for the autonomic nervous system and helps relieve tiredness, nervousness and stress. Useful for treating dry skin.

Sage Essential Oil

Price From: £5.25

Special Offer 20% Discount

This strengthening, fresh and spicy oil helps regulate perspiration, can be useful for menopausal sweats.

Spearmint Essential Oil

Price From: £5.26

Refreshing to the mind and skin, enlivens the brain, useful if sluggish or sleepy and going to work.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Price From: £4.50

Being anti-viral and antibacterial, it has a myriad of uses. (Captain Cook boiled the fresh leaves and drank it as a ‘tea’ when first in Australia.) Aids Athlete's foot and other fungal infections.

Thyme Essential Oil

Price From: £4.74

In Greek, Thyme means courage and it was thus named as it gives physical and psychological energy. Especially useful for mental and physical convalescence. Helps to build and increase intelligence and concentration.

White Pine Essential Oil

Price From: £5.00

Special Offer 20% Discount

Anti-septic, anti-bacterial, and a expectorant to lung issues. Useful inhaled for colds and flu, can be blended with Thyme for this.

Witch Hazel Water

Price From: £1.10

It has a clean scent. Ranging from aiding burns to use as a mouth gargle it should be in every home. It will soothe almost all skin irritations and help heal lesions, bruises etc. As a beauty regime, it closes pores.

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Price From: £6.85

It means ‘flower of the flowers’ in Malayan, to express how abundantly and florally sweet the blossoms are. It is a radiant and tension reducing oil. Use for helping to break down facial muscle tension, unconscious teeth grinding etc and tension headaches. It also lowers blood pressure.

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