Healthy Ageing

Healthy Ageing

As we age, the job of renewing our cells, tissues and organs becomes more onerous. We need to pay extra attention to nourishing our body to give ourselves the best chance of having a long, happy life. As well as a healthy heart and brain, an important area of focus is the immune system, because chronic inflammation (a result of immune imbalances) is the common denominator of many age-related diseases. Eating well and consuming botanical foods and herbs can be a good step towards supporting the ageing heart, brain, bones, immune system and more.

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Dr. Schulze's Superfood Plus Powder (400g)


One month supply of a broad range of protein and phyto-nutrients from land and sea containing algae, green foods and other botanicals in powder form.

'High levels of Vitamin B6 & B12 - so you can feel energised, immune supported, nerve-nourished & mind-balanced. High in plant protein for healthy muscles & bones.

EnergiRevive Powder (225g)


This adaptogenic powder blend is rich in adrenal building botanicals and can be used on its own, with Superfood Plus or other smoothies.

ImmuGold Herb Tea (100g)


ImmuGold Herb Tea blend for immune protection optimization and health.

Nettle Herbal Tea (100g)


This wild certified loose nettle leaf tea is a basic must-have daily tea for nutritional and tonic support as well as for any allergies or inflammation.

PolliTox Capsules (150 x 550mg )


These blended botanical capsules are a help for daily detoxing (of internal and external toxins) while nourishing with nutrient dense plants like dandelion, burdock and nettles.

PumpBeet Capsules (150 x 550mg)


PumpBeet, a botanical food capsule blend to aid antioxidant levels and support the heart and circulation.

Saw Palmetto & Damiana Formula (250ml)


A formula for prostate influence.

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