Building up our immune system starts with good food and a healthy lifestyle, to include enough sleep, adequate rest and relaxation, exercise and laughter! Botanical foods and herbs provide additional support and balance for our body’s defences, especially in the colder months of the year. Super nutrition can really help, aiding your body and immunity to be stronger, and have better abilities to provide immune responses. (Good nutrition is also vital because so much of our immune system resides in our digestive tract.) By choosing just the right foods and botanicals, your immune system can better detect and tackle any harmful pathogens, protecting and defending you to its best potential.

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IntestAble Capsules (150 x 550mg)


IntestAble botanical capsules are carefully blended food anti-microbials selected to help bloating, yeast issues and digestion.

PolliTox Capsules (150 x 550mg )


These blended botanical capsules are a help for daily detoxing (of internal and external toxins) while nourishing with nutrient dense plants like dandelion, burdock and nettles.

Onion & Horseradish Concentrate (250ml)


Chills and ‘coldy’ seasons liquid botanical concentrate. Warming and enlivening especially to sinus and lungs. Overall immune aid.

Echinacea Root Tincture (250ml)


We only use Echinacea root by choice for its stronger and more concentrated biochemistry. Our Echinacea root tincture is a blend of Echinacea angustifolia strength 1:1 and Echinacea purpurea 1:2. We hope you will appreciate the excellence of this product as many do.

Echinacea & Thyme Formula (250ml)


A formula that combines the best defence herbs from the U.S. and Europe.

Olive Tincture (250ml)


Highly concentrated form of young harvested Olive leaves (Olea europaea).

Breathe & Clear Herb Tea (100g)


Breathe & Clear Herbal Tea blended for respiratory issues and congestion.

ImmuGold Herb Tea (100g)


ImmuGold Herb Tea blend for immune protection optimization and health.

Turmeric Powder (100g)


Turmeric powder boosts antioxidant levels and equally neutralizes free radical damage. Add daily to smoothies.

9 Item(s)