In A Nutshell - Ginseng 250

In A Nutshell - Siberian Ginseng

Part of the outstanding "Healing Herbs - In A Nutshell" series of compact guides to single herbs and their actions and uses. 

It includes information on: 

  • The history, folklore, botany, and uses of the herb
  • How to grow Siberian Ginseng and which parts of the plant to pick and use
  • How to make a tea, syrup, liquid, tincture, powder, pill or capsule
  • The action of Siberian Ginseng in combination with other herbs to treat specific ailments
  • How to use Siberian Ginseng as a self-help medicine 


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Eleutherococcus senticosus

by Jill Rosemary Davies

This weed-like shrub with the medicinal roots grows in Russia and Siberia and is never to be confused with the potent and forceful stronger ‘true’ ginsengs.  This gentle adrenal restorer is classed as an ‘adaptogenic’ and is not botanically or bio-chemically related to the strong gingsengs.  It is considered deeply repairing and ‘doing’ no harm nor over-stimulating, which is the potential for misuse with ‘true’ ginsengs.  The chemistry of Siberian Ginseng is complex with the main chemical impact due to its glycosides called ‘eleutherosides.’  Siberian Ginseng helps us to accept a range of adverse circumstances by balancing the alarm reaction of the adrenal glands, nervous system and other related areas, eg hormones.  It repairs, restores, giving back calm energy and helps us ‘ground.’  It can help babies and children as well as the elderly.  A useful book for really understanding this gentle yet potent ‘food’ plant, which can help so many who need to ‘keep going’ looking after our families, ourselves, going to work; life in fact!

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Author Jill Rosemary Davies
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