Massage Blends & Base Oils

Massage Blends & Base Oils

We use therapeutic amounts of pure essential oils (and never synthetic perfumes) in our herbal practitioner-formulated massage oil blends. We use nut and seed base (carrier) oils like almond and wheat germ with added pure essential oils, carefully chosen according to the desired outcome, e.g. relaxation, muscle relief, or calm and focus; just have a look at the range. Use our base oils to make your own massage oil blends, or on their own.

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Bud & Berry Exercise Massage Oil (250ml)


This essential oil blend will specifically help achy, tight, overworked muscle groups.

Deep Muscle Oil (50ml)


This Herbs Hands Healing Deep Muscle Oil is a very concentrated and effective massage oil, used locally to relieve painful or overworked muscles groups. It makes a very useful addition to the First Aid cupboard.

Earth Song Massage Oil (250ml)


This has an earthy, woody smell which in contrast to the "Flower Oil" is more grounding in mood. Used in full body massage it has a calming, earthing effect but also leaves a sensual tingling on the skin.

Flower Massage Oil (250ml)


This has a light, flowery fragrance which enhances mood and muscle tone alike. The oils are particularly good for sensitive skins and ideal for gentle muscle toning.

Hot Zing Massage Oil (250ml)


A hot, energizing body oil which stimulates circulation, bringing suppleness and flexibility to all areas. The heat giving herbs are tempered by the softness of the lavender.

Intimate Massage Oil (250ml)


A middle blend of floral yet low-notes this unisex blend will help any situation where hygiene and sensual needs are equally important. Antimicrobial and refreshing.

Relaxing Massage Oil (250ml)


This massage oil is aimed at bringing about maximum relaxation of muscles and mind alike. The essential oils used have been tailored to achieve this effect and give a sensual and calming fragrance.

Cold Pressed Castor Oil (250ml)


A useful aid for drawing toxins, aiding congestion and increasing circulation.

Peach Kernel Base Oil (250ml)


If you need a quickly absorbed yet highly nutritious and feeding skin oil then choose this one.

Sweet Almond Oil (250ml)


A cold-pressed, sticky oil from the pulped almond nut. Good for most skin types, helps irritated skins.

Wheatgerm Base Oil (250ml)


A heavy oil, added to all massage oil bases for its natural antioxidant qualities, it is also a wonderful source of vitamin E.

11 Item(s)