Starter Program

Starter Program

This ‘first steps’ starter programme gives you straightforward and easy-to-follow suggestions to help support physical and mental wellbeing. The products have been carefully selected by our co-founder, herbal practitioner and naturopath Jill Davies, to optimise a healthy lifestyle and support dietary changes. The starter programme is designed to support you in three key ways; providing and improving the nutrient density of the foods that you eat; providing nourishment and gentle cleansing with food botanicals; supporting a robust and balanced immune system for every season.

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SUPERFOOD Plus ON-the-GO Sachets (7.5g)



Handy sachets, really useful when travelling either for the day or when away for longer.

Onion & Horseradish Concentrate (250ml)


Chills and ‘coldy’ seasons liquid botanical concentrate. Warming and enlivening especially to sinus and lungs. Overall immune aid.

2 Superfood Plus + FREE EnergiRevive Powder

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This offer saves you £20 and gifts you extra energy.

Especially useful as a busy life can sap our reserves.

Dr. Schulze's Superfood Plus Powder (400g)


One month supply of a broad range of protein and phyto-nutrients from land and sea containing algae, green foods and other botanicals in powder form.

'High levels of Vitamin B6 & B12 - so you can feel energised, immune supported, nerve-nourished & mind-balanced. High in plant protein for healthy muscles & bones.

EnergiRevive Powder (225g)


This adaptogenic powder blend is rich in adrenal building botanicals and can be used on its own, with Superfood Plus or other smoothies.

PolliTox Capsules (150 x 550mg )


These blended botanical capsules are a help for daily detoxing (of internal and external toxins) while nourishing with nutrient dense plants like dandelion, burdock and nettles.

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