Daily PolliTox for Daily Protection

Our PolliTox Capsules are the perfect go-to for daily cleansing. They contain a blend of six herbs that help our main detox

Olive for Viral Strategies and Heart Support

Olive leaves have many clever strategies for viral and bacterial disarmament. One is that they interfere with the ability to replicate themselves.

Plague plant Rosemary

Plague advise from the physicians of the time (circa 1660s), centred around many common garden or wild plants. One of which was

Yellow Dock a Premier Liver aid.

Yellow Dock (Rumex crispus) still has its architectural and now rusty brown seeds and stalks, telling us that its roots are soon

Elder and Hawthorn Hedgerow Health

The Elder in this photo has lost its leaves and gained some damp weather lichen and algae, whilst the Hawthorn still has

Anti-Virals are a Must for Winter

When I think of herbal anti-virals I know there are specific plants for specific situations like lemon balm for herpes or wormwood

Black Pepper for Colds, Flu and Weight Loss

Black Pepper for Colds, Flu and Weight Loss November brings the damp and chilly feelings, l so I have been grinding extra

Chamomile, Stress, Brain and Immune Supportive

The nerve supporter, stress reducer and brain calmer Chamomile is a good choice of drink right now. It contains apigenin a flavonoid

This Sea of Sage can help Anxiety

This Sea of Sage can help Anxiety On a family bike ride, we spotted this field of sage (We gather it’s destined