Agnus Castus and Women’s Health

From adolescence onwards, women face very specific health challenges, especially when it comes to hormonal balance. Menstruation and menopause in particular and

Feeding our Nerves Helps us Stay Calmer

Our nervous system is similar to the electricity network of our homes, our nerve fluid acting as the electrical current. When the

Lemon balm contains rosemarinic acid, it enhances brain function

Lemon balm contains rosemarinic acid, so like rosemary it enhances brain function and thereby reduces any stress attached to overthinking. Coffee is

Herbs to Help Maintain Vitality

To help us feel more spring-like energized it can help to address post-winter issues of poorer circulation and lowered immunity, Resilience and

Skin Care Herbs the skin is the outer of our body which protects us

Skin Care Herbs The skin is the outer covering of our body which protects us from external influences, such as toxins, infections,

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Sour up your Life for Mental and Physical wellbeing

Bitter flavours, which are first tasted in the mouth, help the immune system that lies within the gut; they aid production of

Spring Cleavers for Clearing The Skin and Body

The skin is one of the four main elimination/detoxification channels and it is capable of eliminating about 20% of the body’s waste

Fresh Hawthorn Leaves for Extra Oxygen

Fresh Hawthorn Leaves Bonanza for Extra Oxygen and Stamina I’m picking the new flush of spring hawthorn leaves straight off the tree,