The Brain Gut Relationship

The Brain Gut Relationship – How to Calm the Mind and Soothe the Gut- How we think, how stressed we are, how

Cleavers for Cleansing and Slimming

This straggling, clinging plant is still green and vibrant in the winter cold. Used to clear the lymph system and kidneys for

Plantain, The Star of our Immugold Herbal Tea

This common wild plant Plantain (Plantago lanceolata and its sister Plantago major) are the stars of our ImmuGold tea. I chose it

Losing Weight and Lose the Water

You feel heavier; you don’t fit into your clothes so well. Swollen limbs and internally over-burdened organs-this is water retention. There are

Lavender, a Herb of Love

Happy Valentines Day To You All. In traditional lore of modern plant meanings, Lavender symbolises devotion and undying love. Just looking at

Plant Diversity is Important

Ever wondered why Dr Schulze put ‘a range’ of plants (15) into his Superfood Plus formula? Well, he is (amongst many other

Sphagnum Moss our Native Antimicrobial

Sphagnum moss has been used for centuries to combat bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Most famously it was used in vast quantities

Our Native Infection Remedy

This 300-year-old oak tree is a wonderful winter companion for our village. In summer its leaves make a handy home remedy. The

Breakfast and Helping our Glucose Stores

Breakfast, “breaking the fast” quite literally, is the first food of the day after not eating for roughly 11 to 12 hours