In A Nutshell - Milk Thistle 250

In A Nutshell - Milk Thistle

Part of the outstanding "Healing Herbs - In A Nutshell" series of compact guides to single herbs and their actions and uses. 

It includes information on: 

  • The history, anatomy, botany, biochemistry, and uses of the herb
  • The actions of Milk Thistle on the liver
  • How to make a tincture, decoction, and extract
  • The action of Milk Thistle in combination with other herbs to treat specific ailments
  • How to use Milk Thistle as a self-help medicine 


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Silybum marianum

by Jill Rosemary Davies

Milk Thistle seeds are old healing companions to both humans and animals. Roman legionnaires carried them for both food and medicine whilst European medieval monks grew and used them frequently. They are an extremely effective liver supportive and detoxifier and just as invaluable in today’s world as in the past, perhaps more so with all the modern chemicals that need ever-constant detoxification from our bodies. Often a wild and prolific weed, they are equally cheap to grow. Those grown in hotter countries are preferred as they seem to produce more active bio-chemistry. Jill takes us through how to use and why, and how to combine them with other plants in ‘formulas.’ As always, the photos make identification engaging and easy.

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Author Jill Rosemary Davies
ISBN 1862047103
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