Natural Healing Easy and enjoyable additions to your routine which promote natural healing and wellbeing

Natural Healing Lifestyle

Natural healing or a naturopathic lifestyle is at the core of everything expressed at Herbs Hands Healing and on this website. When selected natural healing techniques are integrated into your life we see that herbs have an increased effect. Herbs combined with natural healing methods work better together; they sustain overall health and well-being because one method enhances the effect of the other.

Discovering the cause of illness

This may be arrived at after visits to your medical practitioner or specialist. Diagnostic methods might have included blood tests, scans, an iridology evaluation, allergy tests and so on. Once diagnosed you are able to focus your energy and contribute positively to making effective changes. There are some core choices that we expand upon below.

Easy lifestyle choices from home

Many standard naturopathic or ‘natural healing’ protocols are from older well-established traditions but equally some routines are contemporary and of the new-age. All the methods we describe can be incorporated into daily life or used for shorter periods as required. If you are feeling well and are simply seeking a healthier lifestyle, we recommend that you look through these pages and their links. Choose something that resonates with your instincts and desires and get started. If you are ill then read through everything and take some time considering the benefits of each approach to your current pattern of illness and your energy and drive. Some protocols may feel a bit daunting if you are unwell – support from professionals can be particularly valuable in this instance and you can look for trained practitioners via the registers of The Association of Master Herbalists and The College of Naturopathic Medicine.

To give an example of how natural healing methods can be beneficial, let us imagine the following scenario. You are a woman and you wish to become pregnant yet you have had several miscarriages; you are overweight and you suffer with low thyroid function. From the natural healing protocols we describe later you may decide that the following methods would work best for your circumstances.

  • Exercises such as swimming, walking and yoga will support a positive mood and increase your energy levels while helping you return to a healthy weight for an anticipated pregnancy. Such exercises can significantly reduce stress levels thus helping to balance hormones.
  • Hydrotherapy methods such as hot and cold showers and sitz baths will stimulate your circulation and your sluggish metabolism.
  • Skin brushing will assist detoxification.

Herbs and dietary changes will bring about the biochemical changes that fundamentally support your health and restore normal function.