Our History

Herbs Hands Healing 

a Botanical Pharmacy since 1978

Jill Davies is the founder of Herbs Hands Healing and as a herbalist and naturopath she is responsible for all its products, nutritional and herbal.

The essence of the company is from the ground up and therefore special care is taken to source the plants we use in an ecologically sound manner and from a therapeutically pure source. This means that all our wild-sourced plants are collected with certificates and that otherwise organic and bio-dynamic plants are used.

The choice of products for sale reflects the company’s “apothecary” style where formulas relate directly to successful clinic use. Many have also stood the test of time with repeat custom for over 45 years.

Jill’s colleague and friend of 30 years Dr. Richard Schulze started his business The American Botanical Pharmacy at the same time. Both share the same goals and passion for providing functional botanical formulas to the public, practitioners, clinics and students of integrative medicine.

Herbs Hands Healing is the European supplier and sole importer of Dr. Schulze’s Superfood Plus. This “green” food drink started out as a nutritional mainstay for patients failing to thrive or recover. It has since become a household name and a daily bedrock product to thousands.

“Our company is proud to have developed over three decades where its grounded and personal touch continues to make it a company to trust.”