Detox & Cleansing Safe and simple ways to keep your body clean from the inside

An Introduction to Detox

Our bodies can literally die in their own waste if it is not eliminated. Many of us, even the very health-conscious, need a spring clean from time to time. Others need a more concentrated clear-out, following years of unhealthy eating and drinking habits, or for those who have a sluggish metabolism, two or three times a year. The reasons can be manifold and include poor powers of elimination. In order to build new healthy cells, old ones must be broken down and shed as quickly as possible. A basic rule applies for everyone: detoxifying must be paced. “Cleanse a little, build a little, cleanse a little, build a little” is a good way to pace yourself. Taking your own time is vital – so treat any doses and instructions as guidelines, only to be used in conjunction with your gut feelings. If you are a personality that can be intense and over-motivated, meaning you want to “rush in”, step back a little and remember to go easy and nurture yourself throughout the whole experience. If you are a more sedentary or un-focused individual, then allow yourself to be “geared-up” a bit and push yourself a little harder, whilst still listening to your gut reactions.