Detox & Cleansing Safe and simple ways to keep your body clean from the inside

Potassium Broth

This is a great-tasting addition to any cleansing programme. Potassium broth will flush your system of unwanted salts and acids while providing a concentrated amount of vitamins and minerals. It is best made after breakfast to make sure you have it ready by lunch. If you have a slow cooker it can be prepared the evening before to slow cook overnight.

Fill a large pot with the following ingredients:

  • 25% potato peelings
  • 25% carrot and beet peelings
  • 25% chopped, onions and garlic
  • 25% celery and greens

(Choose organic, especially as toxins tend to sit in the skin of vegetables)

Add hot peppers to taste, or if you wish add the cooler herbs like thyme and marjoram. Add enough spring water to cover vegetables and slowly cook. If you need extra flavour you can add miso or tamari or Organic Turmeric Powder.

Strain the soup and squeeze out as much water as possible from the vegetable remains (then put the rest on the compost heap).

Make the soup fresh every 2 days of your cleanse or more frequently. The intention is to drink plenty of this rich and cleansing broth.