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‘Healing Crisis’ explained

This is so-called because it can feel like a physical and emotional crisis, and it almost always accompanies cleansing to a greater or lesser degree. With a one-day cleanse this can mean an achy feeling or a headache but on longer cleanses this can be more pronounced.

A “healing crisis” is in fact the body healing itself by expelling the excess toxins. It can feel as though you are getting sicker because things can get worse and in some cases it may remind you of (or be exactly like) the worst times of any chronic illness or disease you have experienced. This stage should last at the most 2, 3 or 4 days in the middle of a 5 or 7 day cleanse. This is a useful guideline to know in case someone is pursuing a detox and experiencing symptoms that might not be a healing crisis.

There can be many symptoms, from a headache (very common) to aching limbs or extra spots, rashes, etc. But whatever form it takes, this is a sign that toxins and stagnant materials are being released, ready to leave the body. The liver and bowel are major areas to be cleaned out and they can release years of toxicity that was keeping you unwell or under par. The bowel must be kept moving, as constipation at this stage is working directly against what you are trying to achieve, by holding onto toxins and allowing them to be re-absorbed – this can also exacerbate symptoms of the healing crisis. The bowel can easily seize up with the new regime, unless careful advice and herbal help has been given, and so herbs to move the bowel will almost always be needed or should be on hand to accompany the cleanse.

A healing crisis can be slowed down if it is too awful simply by eating cooked food and reducing the duration of the cleanse. Do not feel you have “failed” because of this but regard it simply as a sign that you need more time and experience to stay the course. Often the body is better off detoxifying in smaller, less strenuous amounts.