Detox & Cleansing Safe and simple ways to keep your body clean from the inside

Clearing Eliminatory Channels

Clearing the main organs of detoxification almost constantly is a fundamental need in today’s over-toxic world. One of these organs is the liver – it must be able to process and remove toxins efficiently. Blood must be able to flow in a robust and uninhibited manner in order to feed cells in the whole body, remove toxins and carry them to the liver for processing, and ensure toxins are excreted from the body after processing. Finally the two main eliminatory channels of bowel and kidneys must be up to the job of final disposal. At any point in this scenario these systems can become faulty and these “faults” in the system can be due to genetic, nutritional, lifestyle or other factors (such as hormones or age-related issues). For example, if the cells are overwhelmed with excess environmental oestrogens, drug medications, alcohol or sugar then the primary “sorter” (the liver) will back-up, overheat and under-perform. Likewise, if the bowel is constipated and hangs onto processed toxins, these can be re-absorbed causing auto-intoxication of the entire system.

Good health relies entirely upon a correctly functioning gastrointestinal tract, which assimilates nutrients from the food we eat and swiftly removes toxic substances. Because this area creates harmony and balance, it stands to reason that the right foods (and avoidance of the wrong foods) can be the major mechanisms by which to heal. Herbs, exercise and hydrotherapy have a supportive role in healing and should be used alongside individually appropriate healing food programmes.