Detox & Cleansing Safe and simple ways to keep your body clean from the inside

Times of Year to Cleanse

For many relatively healthy people it is simply pleasant and rejuvenating to perform a cleanse at the onset of each season. Choose cleanses to fit the weather and mood. Lots of juiced root vegetables, raw hot chillies and ginger, accompanied by plenty of potassium broth and warming herbal teas should be used in autumn and winter, whilst for the spring and summer watery vegetables and fruits like melon and cucumber, along with an abundance of green salads, would be ideal.

For those wishing to cleanse 3 times a year then the first cleanse should take place in spring because this is traditionally the best time of year to cleanse, helping to replenish your energy and to shrug off the excesses of winter. This is liver time and traditionally when the liver is relieved of all the hard winter work it has performed. The second cleanse should be in the height of the summer as this is when the kidneys can be safely cleansed. Kidneys do not like the cold and will not “release” as well in colder months. A bowel cleanse in the autumn is ideal to balance the body in preparation for the winter; a time when the body and the immune system in particular are called upon to endure the cold, infections and heavier foods. Many people also like to do a New Year bowel cleanse to shed Christmas excesses!