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The word chiropractic has its origins in two Greek words, kheir, meaning ‘hand’, and praktikos, meaning ‘practical’. Chiropractic is used for pain relief through structural manipulation and corrects many problems in the joints and muscles, especially the spine. Spinal disorder can cause widespread problems throughout the body, especially the hips, legs and arms and can also be the root cause of sciatica, a slipped disk, and other back problems. Furthermore, it can be responsible for conditions that on the surface have no relation to the spine, including catarrh, asthma, and constipation. Chiropractors use their hands in a skilful manner in order to perform different manipulative techniques. The process extends the joints to their fullest and then with a short push, extends them further; which in turn relaxes the muscles around the joint and gives optimal movement and freedom to an area that was previously restricted in some way. This procedure may sound painful, but it should not be. Some therapists work solely on the bones of the head. Cranial sacral work can be very gentle yet produce intensive results. This approach is particularly useful for babies and children.