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Reflexology & Foot Massage

Reflexology is an evaluation technique and a treatment. It is believed to have partly originated in China approximately five thousand years ago. Dr William Fitzgerald introduced reflexology into Western society. He identified ten zones (channels) in the human body, and these zones were considered to be the energy paths along which a person’s ‘vital energy’ flowed. The zones end at the hands and the feet. Therefore, when pain or stagnation of energy is experienced at one point in the body, it can be alleviated by applying pressure to the corresponding energy zone in the hands or feet. Today, in the main, practitioners tend to concentrate on the feet. There are many uses for reflexology, including pain relief. You can simply massage your own feet, which will help you to relax and centre you; it is very grounding. You can use any oil that you like the smell of, massaging your feet when they are dry or simply rubbing them in the bath.