Natural Healing Easy and enjoyable additions to your routine which promote natural healing and wellbeing

Foot & Hand Baths

This is a gentle yet powerful technique for using herbs externally. Water of varying temperatures may be used as a medium to carry herbs to all areas of the body by soaking the hands and feet. If the person feels hot, as is often the case with skin diseases, then cold water is used. Hot water would be appropriate with other conditions, such as flu. You can use a herbal tea such as Lavender Flowers or make a strong decoction from other choice teas or herbs from your garden. For extra heat add mustard, for the nerves add Epsom salts (extra magnesium), and to most baths add a beautiful and therapeutic essential oil. Soak your hands or feet in the solution for at least twenty minutes in order to absorb the plant extracts via the skin for local or internal healing. You can use two bowls at once, each containing different herbs or varying water temperatures. One may be hot and the other cold – you can alternate between them. The famous French herbalist Maurice Mességué used this healing technique very successfully, and reading his book Of People and Plants will enlighten you about a whole system of healing for every known disorder.