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Detox & cleansing

From our experience we know that clogged and congested cells and tissues require periods of rest and active cleansing. A cleaner body will respond faster to the therapeutic effects of herbs. This area is a cornerstone of natural healing. We have expanded upon this in the Detox & Cleansing section, where you will find a deeper examination of the techniques for detox of the liver and gallbladder, the colon and the kidneys.

Food to help the process

This is an enormous subject in itself. Take a look at the Common Ailments section where many food recommendations are suggested under the various ailments.

In terms of determining the right food choices for you, you may already have some ideas if you have had a food intolerance test where vitamin, mineral and biochemical deficiencies have also been measured (or if you have had separate tests for these). Or you may be starting from scratch by yourself. You can also learn a lot more about healthy food choices by reading some of the e-books that are available on our website. We offer these to you for free so that you can reduce financial strain and take your time to study and reflect on the best changes that you can make that will return you to better health. Why not start with a book by Jill Davies called “The Complete Home Guide to Herbs, Healing and Nutrition”

Probiotics at home

There are many fundamental foods but one I would dearly love to see become more mainstream is natural home-made probiotic foods. Probiotics are a cheap and effective way to re-balance gut flora. Gut flora are part of the immune system. They also complete digestion and produce some vitamins. Some substances and processes we are exposed to in our modern environment can kill beneficial flora. Chlorine in drinking water, antibiotics, food preservatives and chemicals in the environment are examples. Probiotic-rich foods do not take long to make: an example is sauerkraut that is made weekly by many families in northern Europe, especially in Germany, who eat it daily or simply consume the juice. Learn more on our Facebook link.

We recognise that making changes to a poor diet is not always easy. This is one of the reasons that we are so passionate about Dr Schulze’s Superfood Plus. Dr Richard Schulze developed this product so that his clients could make an easy and effective transition from poor food choices to excellent choices. It offers super nutrition. Learn more about Dr Richard Schulze’s Superfood Plus and why we believe this is such a wonderful food by following this link to our Superfood Plus website, where extensive information is available.

Herbs can provide support

We are very proud to be a part of the long herbal tradition in this country. And we are proud of the reputation that our company has earned. We have stayed with our founding principle to offer the best quality herbs that are available and that these should be organic and wild crafted where possible. Extensive information is available on the website. Additional help is available by phoning the free product advice line at Herbs Hands Healing between the hours of 9.00am to 1.00pm. Tel: 01379 608201.

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