Natural Healing Easy and enjoyable additions to your routine which promote natural healing and wellbeing

Hot & Cold Showers

This is a very simple natural healing treatment which encourages circulation and facilitates healing. When hot water is applied to the skin for a few minutes the blood is pulled to the surface. When you apply cold water then the blood is pushed deeper into the organs and internal tissues. It is the alternating heat and cold that is so stimulating. The circulation is speeded up (just like it is with modest exercise) and this assists detoxification and healing, particularly if an area is inflamed or congested.

Hot and cold water treatments take many forms but the simplest is a shower. This can be for the entire head and body or for a local area such as swollen legs and feet.

Alternately spray hot water and then cold water over the whole body and begin with a few seconds of each. Build up to a couple of minutes on each extreme of temperature (after the initial shock and gasp of the cold water, you will get accustomed to it). Breathe and sing to add to the fun.

  • Avoid spraying cold water directly onto the kidney area.
  • Make sure the bathroom is warm.
  • If you have a temperature or if you are debilitated use cool water and not cold; and use warm water rather than hot.
  • If you do not have a shower unit, a cheap shower hose that fits over the taps is adequate. A jug also works if nothing else is available, but the jet from a shower is far better.
  • Whenever you take a shower get into the habit of doing a final rinse with cool or cold water.