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Over 50s

According to many sources including the World Health Organization, those over 50 years will soon form one third of the population. Increasing age brings increasing frailty and illness as well as longer recovery times. It is predicted that the number of cases of cancer and bowel diseases will dramatically increase, alongside everyday problems associated with ageing, e.g. poor memory and all degenerative diseases.

As life expectancy extends, it is perhaps time to really grasp a good understanding of home self-healing methods. Taking action in young middle age will have dramatic positive benefits on later years.

We emphasise natural healing routines designed to cleanse and rejuvenate body organs and tissues. It is wiser and easier to support vital organs long before we reach the later stages of life, when things have already slowed down naturally or due to established disease. So whether it is eliminating bowel congestion or supporting the liver, the answers to health lie in learning about and implementing natural healing routines.

For those on any kind of medication we strongly recommend that you seek help and advice in a clinic setting so that self-help programmes can be safely implemented alongside (or instead of) prescribed medication.

Nutrition will have a different focus in later life. We require less food as we get older. Ironically, at this age many people have less efficient digestion. Those confined by illness, infirmity or old age have the additional issue that shopping for food and cooking it becomes more tiring. Choosing foods rich in antioxidants should become a priority.

Food choices:

  • Requiring fewer calories and protein to fuel daily activities means that liquid foods balanced with fibre, good quality fruit and vegetables and vegetable juices can be a good basis for your diet. Superfood Plus and some good quality and well-placed ‘food state’ supplements would be ideal to add to this.
  • Generally make sure that whatever food is eaten is of excellent quality and taste. Ensure that raw  vegetables are included every day: a salad of carrots, beets, cucumber and ginger (and so on), grated and added to garden staples like dandelion leaves, lettuce and sorrel is ideal. Vary the range each day if you are able to.
  • If you have the ability try growing a few herbs like thyme, oregano, coriander and garlic and use them to flavour each meal.
  • Memory and brain agility is a problem but herbs can help: ginkgo is renowned for this purpose, and even rosemary tea from your kitchen garden or supermarket can help.
  • Brittle bones are an increasing problem as we grow older. Some 200,000 hip fractures are reported each year in Britain and cases of osteoporosis are increasing.
  • The immune system must be lovingly cared for, so that colds, flu and other respiratory disorders and diseases do not have a chance to become established. Include kitchen herbs like garlic, thyme and turmeric daily in order to maintain your immune system.
  • Take care of the liver and avoid accelerating tissue and cell degeneration through free radical damage. Consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure that your body receives plenty of antioxidants. Herbs that can support the liver are numerous, e.g. milk thistle, dandelion and artichoke.
  • Support the heart and circulatory system with hedgerow herbs like hawthorn which help support the heart muscle, improve general circulation and increase oxygen supply around the whole body.
  • Gentle but regular exercise is vital; if possible increase the amount that you do, especially if you have the time available. If you are infirm, hydrotherapy and massage will be essential alternatives and ginger tea daily will significantly help maintain balance – and it’s delicious! Exercise will help general balance and agility. Pilates and yoga would be disciplines to consider.


Generalised help for over 50’s

  • Remember your bowel must move every day. This will improve your digestion and ensure that you feel more energised, have improved circulation and sleep better.
  • Drink plenty of water – try to have one and a half to two litres daily!
  • For general immune support, include the kitchen herbs thyme, garlic and turmeric in your cooking.
  • Drink Nettle Herbal Tea or Immuno Herbal Tea for generalised immune support.
  • For daily maintenance and general energy support consider Superfood Plus and EnergiRevive powders.
  • For increased energy, better quality sleep, recovery from illness and better assimilation of food, go to our page on Liver & Gallbladder (in the Body Systems section).
  • For women who are menopausal and post-menopausal, to support your hormone levels, help them to work better and help address skin texture, energy levels, sleep and more, refer to the page on Menopause (in the Life Stages section).
  • For prostate support for men, refer to the page on the Urinary System (in the Body Systems section).
  • For mobility, wear and tear, fractures, breaks etc. go to our pages on Bones & the Skeleton and Joints & Muscles (in the Body Systems section).
  • For digestive and respiratory maintenance try the Onion & Horseradish Concentrate and Nettle Herbal Tea.
  • For bladder health, look at herbs like dandelion and parsley. To assist maintaining the health of the urinary system try Parsley & Cornsilk Herbal Tea.


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