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Slant Board Treatments

A slant board treatment can help the spine, circulation, reproductive systemdigestive system and more. It is really pleasant to do. Find a strong wooden board that is long and wide enough to accommodate your body. Place this on the floor with one end raised by six inches or a little higher (you will be aiming at a height of two feet eventually). Now lie on it with your head towards the floor and your feet on the raised end of the board. This will take the weight off lower parts and relieve congestion in the hips, bowel, and stomach. The lower back is supported while the position also brings blood to the head.

Do not use the slant board if you are pregnant, or have high blood pressure, stomach ulcers or heavy menstruation. There are also other times when it isn’t advisable, so ask your practitioner.

If you are unable to find a slant board, you can buy boots which hook over a bar, from which you hang upside down like a bat (young fit men seem to like this). Under the guidance of a qualified yoga teacher you can also practise shoulder stands which will have a similar effect.