Dr Richard Schulze

Dr Richard Schulze

Dr Richard Schulze, H.N.H, Phd, FAMH, is one of the foremost authorities on natural healing and herbal medicines in the USA and his influence, along with that of Dr. John Christopher, has been enormous in the shaping, support and goals of Herbs Hands Healing. Many of his own formulas (and Dr Christopher’s) are echoed in those found at Herbs Hands Healing. He and Jill Davies taught in Europe and England together for over a decade at their Herb & Natural Healing School, producing many herbal practitioners who are now all members of The Association of Master Herbalists. He  is also a Fellow of the Association of Master Herbalists.

Jill and Richard remain colleagues and friends and his unique style is gratefully ever present within the fabric of this company. He operated a nature cure clinic, first in New York and later in Southern California, for almost 20 years. For the past 17 years he has continued to teach throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia. He has designed natural therapy programs which have assisted tens of thousands of people to create so-called ‘miracles’ and regain their health. In 1994 his clinic was closed down by the FDA in America, where the practice of herbal medicine (but not the sale) is still illegal. He is considered an innovator, a purist, even an extremist by many of his colleagues, but to his patients he is considered ‘the man who has guts to say and do what the others were afraid to’. In the field of natural healing he dared to pioneer new techniques and therapies, which went far beyond what most people thought possible with alternative medicine. The outcome of his work has been the achievement of miraculous and unprecedented results. His formulae and Incurables Program are used at clinics worldwide to help people heal themselves from degenerative diseases.

Dr Schulze is the creator of The American Botanical Pharmacy’s line of high quality botanical extracts. He has manufactured these herbal products in the United States for over 30 years and they are famous for their strength and efficacy. He is perhaps best known for his extremely popular dietary supplement Superfood Plus, which Herbs Hands Healing proudly sells in Europe.

Dr Schulze has written countless books and booklets -now available on-line. He does a weekly blog which can be watched every Wednesday.