The Herbalist's Kitchen

The Herbalist's Kitchen

The Herbalist’s Kitchen range is a collection of food state botanicals formulated by herbal practitioner Jill Davies. They aim to support modern issues especially those associated with inflammation, toxicity, excessive pollution, allergies and keeping pace with life in the fast lane.

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IntestAble Capsules (150 x 550mg)


IntestAble botanical capsules are carefully blended food anti-microbials selected to help bloating, yeast issues and digestion.

ColoClear Capsules (90 x 400mg)


These blended fruits and herbs help to support the body by increasing regularity in a broad-spectrum, balanced manner.

PolliTox Capsules (150 x 550mg )


These blended botanical capsules are a help for daily detoxing (of internal and external toxins) while nourishing with nutrient dense plants like dandelion, burdock and nettles.

PumpBeet Capsules (150 x 550mg)


PumpBeet, a botanical food capsule blend to aid antioxidant levels and support the heart and circulation.

EnergiRevive Powder (225g)


This adaptogenic powder blend is rich in adrenal building botanicals and can be used on its own, with Superfood Plus or other smoothies.

Lemon & Artichoke Concentrate (250ml)


Blended kitchen food herbs (bitters) in unpasteurized organic apple cider vinegar. Long or short-term digestive use at meal times.

Onion & Horseradish Concentrate (250ml)


Chills and ‘coldy’ seasons liquid botanical concentrate. Warming and enlivening especially to sinus and lungs. Overall immune aid.

Cayenne Powder (100g)


Cayenne or ‘capsicum’ helps circulation throughout the body. It also aids digestion and nutrient absorption. Add a little to daily smoothies.

Fennel Seed (100g)


For anyone experiencing ‘bloating’ try adding these essential oil rich seeds into cooking.

Ginger Powder (100g)


Our Ginger powder can be used in smoothies to taste, enliven and empower circulation, digestion and immunity.

Turmeric Powder (100g)


Turmeric powder boosts antioxidant levels and equally neutralizes free radical damage. Add daily to smoothies.

11 Item(s)