Herbal Teas An A-Z guide to the wide range of herbal teas you can make at home

Organic & Wild Harvested Herbal Teas

What exactly is wild harvested?

It is said that herbs effectively gathered from their natural habitats may be more potent than those that are cultivated. Wild harvesting was a common and original worldwide process for collecting herbs; it was only superseded by commercial growing once demand could not be met. It still is a worldwide used method of collection and generally only reputable wild herb crafters who know how to correctly identify herb species and who pick from areas unpolluted by roads, industry or conventional farming pursue this caring profession. Many have permits from national parks and such like.

Gathering takes place at the peak of each herb’s growing cycle. All harvesting is done taking care to avoid depleting natural plant populations or damaging their habitats. Sometimes the word ‘wildcrafted’ is used and this describes the care and knowledge that goes into such a special method of herb culling.


If carefully managed, herbal medicine production is a sustainable industry. The continued growth of herb sales can also help to protect and increase the biodiversity of many ecosystems around the world which are presently on a decline due to problems such as over-farming and pollution. All the herbs used in our herbal tea range are wild harvested or organic. We feel particularly strongly about environmental consciousness, since our relationship to Mother Nature is naturally a close one. We care about the quality and standard of all our products, right from the very beginning when the herbs we use are still growing, to cropping and production, and finally to when you, the customer, use our products. Therefore, our company ethos is to be intelligent and ‘in-tune’ with the environment. All our packaging and containers can be recycled or reused by you.

A-Z of Single Herb Teas