Herbal Teas An A-Z guide to the wide range of herbal teas you can make at home

Why Choose Herbal Teas?

There is a herbal drink to suit almost every mood, emotion and physical need for all times of the day: taking forty winks, enjoying a good sleep, calming, refreshing, invigorating and stimulating. All these attributes of herbal teas are well known by most other European countries, where the drinking of herbal teas in some families is part of an old tradition and now firmly part of British tea tastes as well.

A great advantage of herbal teas is that they can be drunk singly or blended carefully with up to six plants in order to produce the required effect both in flavour and for remedial purposes. Just as many different types of tea leaf go to make one brand of standard tea, so many varieties of chamomile and its essential oil can make a very special chamomile tea.

Blended or drunk singly, herbal teas can provide both flavour stimulation and health benefits. Their innate fragrance will stimulate the brain’s ‘lymbic’ area where smell ignites feelings of well-being, good memory and mood change/enhancement. These mood and flavour changes can be accessed throughout the day.

A-Z of Single Herb Teas